Monday, December 26, 2011

Blank Face Sketch

If anyone compares this to fucking anime, I will hunt you down and teach you a thing about interpretation.

FYI: ANIME is a cartoon, not an art.

Anyways...Blank face.
I was feeling a summery mood coming on, so don't ask why she's in a tank top w/ short.


PS:crosshatching when shading seems to be alot more fun in digital sketches rather than charcoal.

Rough sketch

A super rough sketch I made after getting my nails done:)


She's tired of crap...

Some sketches:)

Here are some digital sketches. The first is kinda funny.

Decent. Just some digital sketches I did last night real quick.
I hope you like them.
Details aren't my piece of pie, so don't enlarge:)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

MissCeaaria's Request

Merry Christmas Everyone:)

As requested,by MissCeaaria,  a shot of the head with hair and accessories.
Pearl necklace, loose crimped curls, turquoise makeup, etc.

Click to enlarge. 
Save when enlarged:)

This happens to be the first graphic I've made with my new tablet and laptop:)
Currently, one of my favorite hairstyles too!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Personal Design

I've been desiging clothes for my art class project and decided to make a graphic out of my latest creation.
It's a floor length gown, mini-diamond bodice, Charmaine colored top and a grey skirt, which slits at the knees.
It's paired with basic Charmaine pumps and a sweetheart clutch.
Diamond studded choker is attached to the top and adds some style it.
My art teacher liked the deign, so I hope you do too!
Model is Juicy-Much

Like it? Love it?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Graphic! First of Many

I think everyone deserve a second chance...
to be a star

Original pose is not by me. 
I redrew the pose from a sketch I found.
The hair, dress, skin, and makeup is all my doing.
face by SD.
I LOVE the hair which is made completely by me!

The medoll is Kasejen(my other account) whom looks alot like me.
I did the shading on the face. 
Zoom to view it:)

Please comment!
Really! Please!


Friday, December 16, 2011


When I went out to eat with my uncle, we had Chinese food(AMAZING)!

My lucky numbers included 
7,21,3,54,45, 56, and 70.

Well...I guess 70 really is a lucky number, because I celebrated with a small change to my blog!

In order to celebrate 70 followers(lucky number-woot woot)
I changed the color scheme.
Yellow is now the theme color(I love yellooowww:))
A new graphic(old one recreated best I could)
And a few extra followers has this blog up and running again!

Hopefully, I'll fulfill those lovely requests(always watching)
after Christmas with a new tablet AND laptop(hopefully!)

So be on the look out.

In other news: My charcoal drawings are coming along amazingly!
Thanks to some helpful comments, I was able to find the flawed features and I appreciate the 
helping hand!
haha....they were hand drawings!

ANYWAYS: I just wanted to update you guys, and I really do appreciate you still following me, even if I haven't had any graphics out for a while, I still managed to get 20 more followers than in October.

Be on the lookout, first of the new year and I'll be sending more things through the posts.
If you haven't already seen my Wattpad account, it's username is 

I currently have 2-3 books in the process, with one almost completely finished(not published)
I'd love it if you could possibly vote in the watty awards:Enjoying the Chase for most popular.
If you read it, you'll understand:)

I honestly love every one of you!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Charcoal Drawings:)

I've recently been practicing my charcoal drawings and so far, alot of people have liked them!
Since my tablet was destroyed, along with my laptop, I haven't been able to really do any artsy stuff.
I've only just begun to interact with Stardoll, and January, I plan to release a LARGE amount of graphics!:)

until then:

Charcoal Drawings:
requested by my bestfriend

"Corrosion of the Heart" or known as "Emo-Hand:D"

I'm still drawing another picture. I've been practicing my shading. \

Can you tell which one is more recent?

while the first is shaded better, the second has more detail to the hands.
both are based of my hands:)

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Darlings...

Dearest Graphic lovers,
December is upon us and with no graphics since the beginning of December, I decided to give everyone(whoever is still even checking this blog) a heads-up!
I'm starting my first job soon(yeah, I'm 15 WITH a job, you point is?)
I'm moving across The United States towards our Capitol.
I have a boyfriend(Love him so very much:))
I've got my health( knees are bending backwards slightly...i don't think their supposed to do that)
My best friends

I haven't had a thought of stardoll for almost two weeks, before I realized I did kinda miss it.

Graphics will resume in January, after I take a college class in art(Its cheaper to do it as a dual high school and college credit with probably helping me save almost 10,000 dollars in the process)
I'm alos getting my portfolio ready to be shown at a college fair. I'm still a sophomore, but it's good to get critiqued now than when it counts.
I'll post some of my latest sketches and some ideas in the future. I'm definitely going to work on Spring limits.
FYI: I'll now be using the summer ideas for spring, so keep that in mind.

I've been such a bad medoll lately and I'm sorry.
Please forgive me for pulling the world famous "I'm-going-to-start-a-project-and-give-it-up-for-fame" gimmick because honestly, that isn't what I was doing at all!
I'm sorry....
forgive me?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New and Not New?

I've done 3 "graphics" within the past two days, trying to be lazy with the Autumn limits.
Here's my bannerx for extravagances stardoll and Define fabulous all-star competition.

I edited the skirt, changed the shading on the arms, added a new background and slightly edited the hair.

another edit of a previous graphic:)

And a braid I found on roiworld(yes I have an account) and decided to re-make.

I did it before we left for dinner. The hair looks somewhat crooked on her face..
Good shading though!

Opinions on my medoll feature change?
Do you like my new face or old face more?


Medoll With Makeup

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Been Workin' for a while...

I've been making this graphic since 6:00 earlier this evening. It's not 11:00 and I'm quite sleepy.
Here's the graphic; based off of my older graphics.

You can't really see the shoes, but I couldn't pick a color.
I picked green as the back-ground because the purple in the dress stands out.
I hope you guys like it:)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A difference?

Lets take a journey back to last December, when I first started stardoll graphics. 
It was December 25, 2010 and I had just downloaded GIMP and my tablet  onto my computer. 
It was a 14 year old girl sitting in the empty room of my mother when I made my first graphic...

I knew nothing about shading, nothing with editing faces, and didn't have a CLUE about styling hair.
But I did it.
Thinking back, I remember my absolute favorite graphic designer was doinker_chic, also known as lily rose.
She made her graphic VERY realistic a beautiful!
Thanks maria(as she's called today on deviant art) I appreciate you expanding my interest into digital art(even if it is stardoll!)

My next graphic was in April.
My old graphics blog was run-down and old.It had no sense of creativity and lacked any spark to the eye.
on kasey's sketches, I had a total of 3 followers.

That's when I opened!
and finally developed, accidently, a new technique which would change me forever!

I still didn't care about hair or medoll edits, but the pose and shading was now a big topic!

That's when requests started pouring in!

I realized I was a Stardoll Graphic designer now and that I loved doing this!

I now make things like:  


I've come a long way, but it doesn't end here. It's just the beginning!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Graphic of a Girl Named Chloe-Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
I can't give you anything in real life, but I hope this counts for something!

Click to see it bigger:)

I spent a lot of time on it, and I hope it paid off:)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just a Quicky!

I challenged myself to make a DECENT graphic in under 10 minutes, and when the timer went off, I saved and began writing this post.

Here's my quicky:

Don't even ask about the shoes, their hideous, that was the last two minutes of the the original 10.
No details.
Hair was already on the medoll( already done before)
Clothes were originally Christmas, changed to fall colors.
No I'm tired(after 3 graphics today) and am going to bed!
Goodnight my graphic lovers!

I hope you enjoyed my Quicky ;)

Back to Myself!

Thanks to Kate1597, I'm back to my old graphics style, and I'm not changing!

This was drawn, with a computer mouse(no tablet/broken tablet) and was done in 2 hours after dinner.

It's based on my mom's hair(not color) style from the 1980's.
It was kinda popular, but I added the fringe!

I introduce: Color Yourself Crazy!

Click to enlarge/ I do realize there are no shoes...
weird feet?
I LOVE it:)


A delightfully delicious graphic has caught my eye!
Only by Kate1597!!
She has, what I like to call, opened my eyes?
Her graphics have inspired me!
My usually boring shading WILL be different.
I'm changing my ways!
goin' with the flow!
Doing something I used to do with my graphics a LONG time ago(like in june?)

Shading the Stardoll Graphics way.

I used to always think there was only one way to make graphics, and there isn't.
Hunnigall is an amazing graphic designer, but I'm not her. 
I won't do as she does.
I'm changing....for the better.

PS: Chloe-99(AKA: Chloe:)) is also an amazing graphic designer!
You won't regret going to her graphics blog!
I am definitely happy to of met her!:D

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's a Bloody Halloween!

Being the first Halloween/All hallows Eve, I decided to dress up the blog a little!

Like my terrifying header?
Made it with NO TABLET!
My tab;et is trash now because when my dad's dog got a hold of 
my second laptop, he also seemed to mess up my tablet and I won't be getting one till Christmas in 3 months...

Oh well..
That hasn't stopped me. 
So here's the banner if your computer is weird and you can't see it up ahead:)

Isn't it Pretttyyyyy?:D
It's absolutely my favorite current graphic!
It has one of my favorite RL hairstyles(don't ask,just snooki) and It has blood:D
Ah blood, today I had a horrible day, well, we won't get into that...

Thanks for reading this extremely long post:)

Friday, October 7, 2011


My graphics have been very secluded lately, meaning it's time for a new idea!
Be aware, I've changed techniques, So it won't look alot like my old graphics.
This competition is for whoever wants to enter!
Just writer your medoll name and an idea for a graphic(preferably include picture)
Whoever get the best idea or even second best will be the model for the picture(not to be publicly used.)
Enter Your ideas. The end of the competition will be in 2 weeks. 
Until then, small graphics will be made:)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Long Time, No Graphics...

Hey Everyone! We reached 50 followers this week, while I was on vacation!
I'd like to say thanks with a new techniqueeee:D
Chloe-99 actually taught/ made-up this technique and I picked it up really fast.
Here's my headshot using her technique.

I sorta like it!
It's cute!
Thanks Chloe!:D

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Other Account's Headshot!

This is my other account's headshot! 
I love her look, skin color, and hair!
I think it suits her!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pin-Up hair:]

I've been working on my hair styles and I think this is my best one yet!

Inspired by 60's pin-up styles:]

Thank you!

I'd love to thank inbetween stardoll for letting me have an advertisement
for my graphics blog AND magazine on their advertisements page!

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Decent non-Stardoll graphic..

I did a little doodle.
It only took me around 1 hour, so it's kinda cheapo..

Kinda cute:]

Friday, September 16, 2011

More prefessional style.

I've replaced the old banner with a new one! It's only temporary!
I'm working on a more permanent banner:]
Thoughts? Opinions? Comments?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Behind the scenes!

Here's a sneak peek,Behind-the-scene graphic 
that will be used in the magazine!
Bare with me, I won't show the complete thing,just the head!

The hair looks like something Stardoll would feature!
model: sparklewand12

New Headshot!



Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Graphics!

Super fast,very un-neat graphics!
I'll be showing you guys some of my real-life sketches!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

SUPER DUPER quick graphic, like,really fast!

I did this graphic within maybe 30 minutes WHILE watching TV.
The hand is messed up,so don't judge!

I want that dress!
The tights add a sense of fashion,but they are u-necessary.
STILL, I love this graphic:]

pointy elbow:]

Kasejen Headshot!

A beautiful practice headshot of my other account's medoll, Kasejen.

Here it is!

I, Personally, think it's my best head-shot so far!

As promised:]

I used Chloe-99 as the model because I LOVE her skin color!
and her medoll looks beautiful in a innocent way!
So,here's the graphic!
It's supposed to be a sleepover/scary story theme.
Notice the pajamas's,and how casual they are. The hair is flung in front of her face,
like before someone sleeps!
relaxed position,
PLUS: the words on the wall, make it SO much easier to understand!

FYI:she's wearing slipper boots! I have a pair of blue slipper-boots, and their
very popular in the USA!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

No Time:Favorite song ever!

Well, I was SO busy today,no time to draw,but guarantee a big maybe tomorrow since it's

FRIDAY,FRIDAY,Gotta get down on FRIDAY!

Anyways,here's one of my old banners,I made forever ago!
Here's a few I've done in the past!

the original blog header!
supposed to be the blog header!
^^this is my favorite!and most often used:]

And this is my newest one:]
I try to use this one!

FYI: If you LOVEEEE old school rap songs,like I am obsessed with,
You need to Look up "Business by Eminem"!
Such an awesome song!
Also,Search "Stan" and "Toy soldier" by the same artist!

See Ya!
XOXO~Kasey Noelle

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Click it to enlarge. Save when it's enlarged!


Did a quick re-make of a VERY OLD doodle I made forever ago!
Here it is!:
(click to enlarge!)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love My New design?

So I've finished the graphics for limit magazine!!
It's so exciting!
I've just got to finish the articles and that'll be it!
I wonder when whoever will be in Stardoll Fashion Week is announced!
It's a BIG deal to me!
I hope to be in Stardoll Fashion week with Limit magazine!
Lets hope!
**fingers crossed**

Friday, August 19, 2011

My apologies!

Hey,My Graphic lovers!
I'd like to apologize for not posting recently!
I've been so busy with my magazine and with school,it hasn't even occurred
to me that i left something behind.
Well,to make it up to you, I made a self-portrait/persona of me.
I can't reveal any recent graphics because their for the magazine!
well,no shading,no straight lines.
a plain drawing!
the eye's a little big on this copy,but i made another one,with a smaller eye.
Of course my hair isn't brown,It's honey blonde.
It's in a watercolor effect,so if your wondering why its so light colored,
that's why!:]

Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm re-doing the whole blog!

New backround,by me.
New graphics,by me
by me.

Just about everything will change,
the colors will be more colorful!
and there will be a more current graphic of my medoll!

This is just an FYI.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Updates and and a Flutter in my Stomach

Well, the magazine is coming along amazingly!
I have an interview to finish with an Top blogger in Dollywood!
and we'll have SOOO many articles and graphics,and etc...

I'm so excited for you all to see it! No graphics until the release of the magazine,
but you WON'T be disappointed.
I've gotten compliments already about the spoiler,well,
its not really a spoiler.

No models that are well known are being used.
They don't want to be mentioned,but I'll put their name somewhere in the magazine!

I'm using some models fro the portfolio modeling agency.
No other writers are going to be in the magazine besides me.
It might seem selfish,but one person I asked to turn her article in,
never even turned it in,then she quit.

So I keep going on and on and just wanna ask,How was your summer?

Please comment,you could be put in my Magazine:]

Monday, August 1, 2011


Something I made REALLY quick,in almost 10 minutes.

Won't be posting much graphics. 
I have to finish my summer reading
I have to go school clothes shopping
i have to get school supplies.
Gotta get my eyebrows,hair,and nails done.
MUST pick out my outfit for the 11th of august
(first day of 10th grade)
and FYI,my birthday is AUGUST 6th!!

Goin out with family to the most expensive and BEST restaurant within 200 miles of where i live:]
this is gonna be a BUSY week.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ashlyn's Graphic!

It took a while
But its done!
a process of planning was needed to make this graphic!
I had to think of sizes,and how to make the body!

But I think it paid off and REALLY appreciate you paying ahead!

and here's your graphic:]

I hope you like it!To set it to automatically fit in your blog,when applying it in settings,
when the window opens,before you upload,click,fit to size and it'll list some numbers. The larger you make your blog sizes,the larger your graphic will be.
when you want to save it,click the image first and then when your viewing it,save it. saving it as this size will keep it at this size:]

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm So Excited!
I just can't hide it!
I'm about to lose control 
and i think i like it!

Spoiler for Summer Limits!

Whatcha think?