Thursday, May 19, 2011

Graphic Time

Yes,My darlings
School is OUTTTTTT!!!!!

which means?
my magazine(spoiler comes tomorrow:DD)
my fundraiser(SD and RL)
and more...

here's my latest:)

Its my Medoll....

I love this picture!Its absolutely FANTASTIC!!
i had some help from a past Vogue magazine pose(i recreated it)
but anyways....PLEASE rate:)


  1. I couldn't comment on the Graphics Ordering spot so this is my form:
    Colors: Purple, Blue
    Background: Black
    Style: Scene [colorful]
    Clothes: Skinny Jeans, Tee, and high-tops
    Username: Brittany_Kaiden

  2. hey I wanted to start making this awesome graphics but I can't ....:( How do you make them!?They're just amazing!!! My first graphic is at my new clun Stardoll Go Ahead.Please check it out(my banner) and tell me you're opinion!I would really appreciate it if you wrote this in my guestbook!
    Kisses ,karv2:)