Sunday, May 29, 2011


To continue the title of this post,i recommend you grab a tissue if you were looking forward to the magazine as much as i was.
i sit here with my glass of water and Ghirardelli Caramel brownie 
and think to myself
"am i really gonna give up?"

Yes,i think i am.

I've come to the conclusion of this.
No,i'm not giving up graphics.
They help me practice techniques that improve,not only my Real Life art,but my virtual art.
But this idea of a magazine is hard.
I began,but ended.

Maybe if i had help,then i would of probably continued it,but i can't now.

since i'm announcing this, i'm also going to be announcing that i'll be looking forward to joining in to SD fashion week with my collection.I DO have some art to show everyone,and you'll see it soon.

Anyways,thats it.
Byeeee Mode Magazine/Mode Styles.

Hello to a new world.

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