Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some Info:)and Update graphics!

Oh myGolly Gee Whizzards:D
School is over in 3 DAYS!!
My freshman year of highschool is over in 3 DAYS!!
so guess what?
My magazine is launching in JUNE!
The spoiler will come out on Friday and its gonna be AWESOME!!:D

Trust me,i'm working HARD on this.
If you'd like to submit your medoll or design into the magazine,
you can post a tinypic or picture in the comments!
I'll take the one's i think fit the theme,
which i won't say until the spoiler!

Now for the graphic.

Its cute! Love the dress:)
Fits the model,which was Clarekat:)

Thats it for now:)
Look for the spoiler here THIS WEEK!

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