Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Never Happened.


This isn't going to be a long post.

But i just wanted to inform you that i'm REALLY practicing my drawing.
Although my life is SO busy at the moment,i'm getting some time in to practice on my sketch pad.
I'm trying to finish up school and get in some chores for the summer,so that i have more free time later on.

But just to make things CLEAR:
If you DID order a graphic(brittany_kaiden) you will still get it.

but it'll be a while.
I'm going to try and get the tech people(geek squad at Bestbuy) to take everything i had from my old laptop to my new one.
I've already picked one out and its black with a white over that has black flowers on it.
i hope you all can forgive me for my lack of graphics:[


Monday, June 20, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Some designs,a "Sneak Peek"  i guess you can call it:)

i just wanted to show everyone some graphic designs.
Its not much.but these are going to be featured(hopefully) in Stardoll Fashion Week.
I MIGHT get some more posted.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mrs.Silva.Com's graphic from the blog

its positioned weird in the middle,but i still love it:)


I'm so tired....
sunnynicky is the model:)i love her medoll:D


the reason i'm posting all of these is because their all from my unfinished magazine:P

i got bored..


Heyhey,i'm tired of writing about these:)

average model:)

6th one:)

so here's probably the next to last one:)

a monokini:)

5th one tonight:)

and its beautiful:)
Itsa Poof:D

chloehe is the model,was for a magazine:)

Another one?yess:)

its the owner of ...MB... who is the former owner of my account. she sold it to someone after getting the rares from it.thats how we met:)
her medoll inspired me:)
(based off of a magazine photoshoot in ELLE


a normal graphic:)and i LOVE it:D

i think i love this one:)

Last design.Bad quality

This is a headless model with a new design.

its green and purple.
i don't really like it that much...its okay:P
it looks like something lady gaga would wear:P


Another Design

One more:),well,two more:D

Its one graphic,two models!
One is a remake of Adesagi and one is an original by me:)

the first dress is inspired by neon colors and love.a mixture of both create both a dark,and beautiful thing.
the next is a remake:)
I made the hair:)and I LOVE it:D

New Graphic design:)

so i'm starting to design clothes and i'm inspired b Adesagi.
His designs are amazing colorful and different.
Each of his shows have a different theme.
one was green and another,bright neon.
He's an amazing designer.
So here's a graphic inspired by his British punk collection.
i think i'm starting to REALLy improve in the quality of my graphics:D
Inspiration:Adesagi British spread

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sydney's Graphic:D

Well....the first customer deserves the best:)Here's Brittany_Kaiden's graphic:)

I hope you like it:)

Dress Design(from Mag.)

Here's a dress i was gonna use in a magazine.
Its an original design by me.
I was inspired by my sister,who during her gymnastics league competition,got tangled in some ribbon.
I think its beautiful,so I'm putting it in the couture catergory.
The hat is cute,not the best,though.

yes,i see the smudge on the side.
this is just a rough draft...