Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well,because so many of my loyal and wonderful fans have been asking about it....

I WILL make some tutorials on my graphics.

I'll spill some of my secrets and help you!

PLEASE do not contact me about graphics,unless you 
 have a big order to place.

I am quite busy with other things.

So please comment if its a good idea.If i don't have any comments,then no tutoring:]
Plus:New Graphics.

If you haven't seen the last post, please refer to this one!
Blogger wasn't letting my upload at 2:30am this morning,so i finally got them up!


Brittany_kaiden Braid
My Medoll with Piggy-tails!


  1. I think its a very good idea, I'd love to see some graphic tutorials. :]

  2. Thanks!Alot of people have asked me to help,but I'd like to make it into a blog.but I'm still not sure.

  3. I would love tutorials, especially hair! I tried hair - it was the worst fail ever!!! Hands might be useful, but just do whatever you would like, they are your tutorials after all!

    Love K xxx

  4. Cn You please do Hair tutorials?♥.