Monday, July 4, 2011

News and a Eye Graphic

Well,got some news about my laptop and tablet. i have to get a new tablet,because, 
well, the software is a one-time thing. they can't put it on an external hard-drive because its not a file,its part of the computers applications and an external hardrive only save the files on a computer.
good news:i AM getting a new tablet,with a more than one-time only CD and will get a new laptop for Christmas. i'll be using my mom's laptop until then.not a big change,but i've figured some new and awesome graphics things i can do,so i'll be introducing the new ways i do eyes.
dis-regard the mess around them,i was experimenting.

isn't is gorgeous?
i love the green.

and how i did this next graphic,i have NO idea.

i love it
just not the yellow backround.

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