Friday, August 26, 2011

As promised:]

I used Chloe-99 as the model because I LOVE her skin color!
and her medoll looks beautiful in a innocent way!
So,here's the graphic!
It's supposed to be a sleepover/scary story theme.
Notice the pajamas's,and how casual they are. The hair is flung in front of her face,
like before someone sleeps!
relaxed position,
PLUS: the words on the wall, make it SO much easier to understand!

FYI:she's wearing slipper boots! I have a pair of blue slipper-boots, and their
very popular in the USA!


  1. Lovely graphic! I was first boggled to what that message might mean, but then I read the whole post, and saw like 'Aaaah!' In my head, haha. :D
    Yeah, in England they are sold in every clothes shop I would think. (:

  2. Haha, you have to analyze every piece of the graphic to fully understand it! It's Hard.I showed My sister and she asked me what the girl was doing wearing boots and sweat pants, with the end of a creepy story line on the wall, then I explained and she was like "Ohhhhhh!!!"