Thursday, August 25, 2011

No Time:Favorite song ever!

Well, I was SO busy today,no time to draw,but guarantee a big maybe tomorrow since it's

FRIDAY,FRIDAY,Gotta get down on FRIDAY!

Anyways,here's one of my old banners,I made forever ago!
Here's a few I've done in the past!

the original blog header!
supposed to be the blog header!
^^this is my favorite!and most often used:]

And this is my newest one:]
I try to use this one!

FYI: If you LOVEEEE old school rap songs,like I am obsessed with,
You need to Look up "Business by Eminem"!
Such an awesome song!
Also,Search "Stan" and "Toy soldier" by the same artist!

See Ya!
XOXO~Kasey Noelle


  1. I am in love with the last one! o: It's so gorgeous, good job!

  2. Thanks! I recently made that for The Stardoll Voice!

  3. Hey, I know I can't do much better myself, but mind if I give you a tip? I know you've improved from this graphic by now but the hand on the last one is too big... Just saying. No offense, I totally LOVE the graphics, it's just the fact it sort of caught my eye. BTW I'm a huge fan!! -mlions04 (SD User)