Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to Myself!

Thanks to Kate1597, I'm back to my old graphics style, and I'm not changing!

This was drawn, with a computer mouse(no tablet/broken tablet) and was done in 2 hours after dinner.

It's based on my mom's hair(not color) style from the 1980's.
It was kinda popular, but I added the fringe!

I introduce: Color Yourself Crazy!

Click to enlarge/ I do realize there are no shoes...
weird feet?
I LOVE it:)


  1. I adore this! The shading is great & The hair is extremely funky. ;D

  2. Thanks! I was originally going for a "scene" hairstyle, but then I saw my mom's old yearbooks and found out some people did their hair like this in the 80's, so I changed it:)