Friday, October 7, 2011


My graphics have been very secluded lately, meaning it's time for a new idea!
Be aware, I've changed techniques, So it won't look alot like my old graphics.
This competition is for whoever wants to enter!
Just writer your medoll name and an idea for a graphic(preferably include picture)
Whoever get the best idea or even second best will be the model for the picture(not to be publicly used.)
Enter Your ideas. The end of the competition will be in 2 weeks. 
Until then, small graphics will be made:)


  1. Its another one of my crappy ideas but since it's almost Halloween you could do a group of people going trick or treating, so all of them dressed up with all their bags of sweets xD

  2. yeah, great idea, i was thinking halloween themed aswell :) if you google halloween or some sort of halloween creature (like vampire for instance) there are always great ideas, i got mine from google.
    Tay12099 :)

  3. I love those! I've been thinking of doing a group picture of me and some friends dressed up. I had a real life picture of me and some RL friends at a Halloween party last year. I like it:)

  4. I love the Halloween theme!

    Maybe you could do your take on a dress based on the Victorian Era?