Thursday, October 20, 2011

A difference?

Lets take a journey back to last December, when I first started stardoll graphics. 
It was December 25, 2010 and I had just downloaded GIMP and my tablet  onto my computer. 
It was a 14 year old girl sitting in the empty room of my mother when I made my first graphic...

I knew nothing about shading, nothing with editing faces, and didn't have a CLUE about styling hair.
But I did it.
Thinking back, I remember my absolute favorite graphic designer was doinker_chic, also known as lily rose.
She made her graphic VERY realistic a beautiful!
Thanks maria(as she's called today on deviant art) I appreciate you expanding my interest into digital art(even if it is stardoll!)

My next graphic was in April.
My old graphics blog was run-down and old.It had no sense of creativity and lacked any spark to the eye.
on kasey's sketches, I had a total of 3 followers.

That's when I opened!
and finally developed, accidently, a new technique which would change me forever!

I still didn't care about hair or medoll edits, but the pose and shading was now a big topic!

That's when requests started pouring in!

I realized I was a Stardoll Graphic designer now and that I loved doing this!

I now make things like:  


I've come a long way, but it doesn't end here. It's just the beginning!