Saturday, October 15, 2011


A delightfully delicious graphic has caught my eye!
Only by Kate1597!!
She has, what I like to call, opened my eyes?
Her graphics have inspired me!
My usually boring shading WILL be different.
I'm changing my ways!
goin' with the flow!
Doing something I used to do with my graphics a LONG time ago(like in june?)

Shading the Stardoll Graphics way.

I used to always think there was only one way to make graphics, and there isn't.
Hunnigall is an amazing graphic designer, but I'm not her. 
I won't do as she does.
I'm changing....for the better.

PS: Chloe-99(AKA: Chloe:)) is also an amazing graphic designer!
You won't regret going to her graphics blog!
I am definitely happy to of met her!:D

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