Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just a Quicky!

I challenged myself to make a DECENT graphic in under 10 minutes, and when the timer went off, I saved and began writing this post.

Here's my quicky:

Don't even ask about the shoes, their hideous, that was the last two minutes of the the original 10.
No details.
Hair was already on the medoll( already done before)
Clothes were originally Christmas, changed to fall colors.
No I'm tired(after 3 graphics today) and am going to bed!
Goodnight my graphic lovers!

I hope you enjoyed my Quicky ;)


  1. I'm not editing this graphic. If you notice flaws, you notice flaws. That's the gratitude of change and motion! I hope you all understand!

  2. I don't understand why do a bad graphic like that when you could have used your time much better and used those 10 minutes as part of doing a really good graphic? Just saying. (:

  3. It's to test my time. It's teaching me how I can better myself, through time. I managed to do it pretty well, seeing as this isn't one of my worst graphics. I just wanted to see what would turn out, and with the crappy shading, horrible clothes and hideous shoes, I saw I do need to take me time, and when I try this again, I'll probably be better! It's all about testing your limits...