Monday, December 26, 2011

Blank Face Sketch

If anyone compares this to fucking anime, I will hunt you down and teach you a thing about interpretation.

FYI: ANIME is a cartoon, not an art.

Anyways...Blank face.
I was feeling a summery mood coming on, so don't ask why she's in a tank top w/ short.


PS:crosshatching when shading seems to be alot more fun in digital sketches rather than charcoal.

Rough sketch

A super rough sketch I made after getting my nails done:)


She's tired of crap...

Some sketches:)

Here are some digital sketches. The first is kinda funny.

Decent. Just some digital sketches I did last night real quick.
I hope you like them.
Details aren't my piece of pie, so don't enlarge:)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

MissCeaaria's Request

Merry Christmas Everyone:)

As requested,by MissCeaaria,  a shot of the head with hair and accessories.
Pearl necklace, loose crimped curls, turquoise makeup, etc.

Click to enlarge. 
Save when enlarged:)

This happens to be the first graphic I've made with my new tablet and laptop:)
Currently, one of my favorite hairstyles too!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Personal Design

I've been desiging clothes for my art class project and decided to make a graphic out of my latest creation.
It's a floor length gown, mini-diamond bodice, Charmaine colored top and a grey skirt, which slits at the knees.
It's paired with basic Charmaine pumps and a sweetheart clutch.
Diamond studded choker is attached to the top and adds some style it.
My art teacher liked the deign, so I hope you do too!
Model is Juicy-Much

Like it? Love it?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Graphic! First of Many

I think everyone deserve a second chance...
to be a star

Original pose is not by me. 
I redrew the pose from a sketch I found.
The hair, dress, skin, and makeup is all my doing.
face by SD.
I LOVE the hair which is made completely by me!

The medoll is Kasejen(my other account) whom looks alot like me.
I did the shading on the face. 
Zoom to view it:)

Please comment!
Really! Please!


Friday, December 16, 2011


When I went out to eat with my uncle, we had Chinese food(AMAZING)!

My lucky numbers included 
7,21,3,54,45, 56, and 70.

Well...I guess 70 really is a lucky number, because I celebrated with a small change to my blog!

In order to celebrate 70 followers(lucky number-woot woot)
I changed the color scheme.
Yellow is now the theme color(I love yellooowww:))
A new graphic(old one recreated best I could)
And a few extra followers has this blog up and running again!

Hopefully, I'll fulfill those lovely requests(always watching)
after Christmas with a new tablet AND laptop(hopefully!)

So be on the look out.

In other news: My charcoal drawings are coming along amazingly!
Thanks to some helpful comments, I was able to find the flawed features and I appreciate the 
helping hand!
haha....they were hand drawings!

ANYWAYS: I just wanted to update you guys, and I really do appreciate you still following me, even if I haven't had any graphics out for a while, I still managed to get 20 more followers than in October.

Be on the lookout, first of the new year and I'll be sending more things through the posts.
If you haven't already seen my Wattpad account, it's username is 

I currently have 2-3 books in the process, with one almost completely finished(not published)
I'd love it if you could possibly vote in the watty awards:Enjoying the Chase for most popular.
If you read it, you'll understand:)

I honestly love every one of you!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Charcoal Drawings:)

I've recently been practicing my charcoal drawings and so far, alot of people have liked them!
Since my tablet was destroyed, along with my laptop, I haven't been able to really do any artsy stuff.
I've only just begun to interact with Stardoll, and January, I plan to release a LARGE amount of graphics!:)

until then:

Charcoal Drawings:
requested by my bestfriend

"Corrosion of the Heart" or known as "Emo-Hand:D"

I'm still drawing another picture. I've been practicing my shading. \

Can you tell which one is more recent?

while the first is shaded better, the second has more detail to the hands.
both are based of my hands:)

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Darlings...

Dearest Graphic lovers,
December is upon us and with no graphics since the beginning of December, I decided to give everyone(whoever is still even checking this blog) a heads-up!
I'm starting my first job soon(yeah, I'm 15 WITH a job, you point is?)
I'm moving across The United States towards our Capitol.
I have a boyfriend(Love him so very much:))
I've got my health( knees are bending backwards slightly...i don't think their supposed to do that)
My best friends

I haven't had a thought of stardoll for almost two weeks, before I realized I did kinda miss it.

Graphics will resume in January, after I take a college class in art(Its cheaper to do it as a dual high school and college credit with probably helping me save almost 10,000 dollars in the process)
I'm alos getting my portfolio ready to be shown at a college fair. I'm still a sophomore, but it's good to get critiqued now than when it counts.
I'll post some of my latest sketches and some ideas in the future. I'm definitely going to work on Spring limits.
FYI: I'll now be using the summer ideas for spring, so keep that in mind.

I've been such a bad medoll lately and I'm sorry.
Please forgive me for pulling the world famous "I'm-going-to-start-a-project-and-give-it-up-for-fame" gimmick because honestly, that isn't what I was doing at all!
I'm sorry....
forgive me?