Monday, December 5, 2011

My Darlings...

Dearest Graphic lovers,
December is upon us and with no graphics since the beginning of December, I decided to give everyone(whoever is still even checking this blog) a heads-up!
I'm starting my first job soon(yeah, I'm 15 WITH a job, you point is?)
I'm moving across The United States towards our Capitol.
I have a boyfriend(Love him so very much:))
I've got my health( knees are bending backwards slightly...i don't think their supposed to do that)
My best friends

I haven't had a thought of stardoll for almost two weeks, before I realized I did kinda miss it.

Graphics will resume in January, after I take a college class in art(Its cheaper to do it as a dual high school and college credit with probably helping me save almost 10,000 dollars in the process)
I'm alos getting my portfolio ready to be shown at a college fair. I'm still a sophomore, but it's good to get critiqued now than when it counts.
I'll post some of my latest sketches and some ideas in the future. I'm definitely going to work on Spring limits.
FYI: I'll now be using the summer ideas for spring, so keep that in mind.

I've been such a bad medoll lately and I'm sorry.
Please forgive me for pulling the world famous "I'm-going-to-start-a-project-and-give-it-up-for-fame" gimmick because honestly, that isn't what I was doing at all!
I'm sorry....
forgive me?

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