Monday, December 19, 2011

Personal Design

I've been desiging clothes for my art class project and decided to make a graphic out of my latest creation.
It's a floor length gown, mini-diamond bodice, Charmaine colored top and a grey skirt, which slits at the knees.
It's paired with basic Charmaine pumps and a sweetheart clutch.
Diamond studded choker is attached to the top and adds some style it.
My art teacher liked the deign, so I hope you do too!
Model is Juicy-Much

Like it? Love it?


  1. You could improve by practising muscle structure, like collar bones and calves.

  2. I totally agree with the top comment on that you should practise your shading and trying to emphasize the bone structure much more in your graphics, because then the graphic will look more realistic and highly improve I think.

    Good job though :)

  3. I've been practicing with bone structure, but i'll only include it if it meets my expectations. Some of my previous graphics included collar bones, but that was when i used a,since I only use a mouse,its harder to draw out the intended shape,even though I'm using a lass tool. I'm able to do it, but I mostly choose not to. As far as the calves, there is slight shading, but no where near as contrasting in shape. I still consider myself a beginner with legs and necks

  4. I love the design and shoes, thanks for using my doll!

  5. Umm ,Hi but another girl ,Shakira.2001 also did that graphic for me !!!!The same pose but my face!!!!!!!!!!!!! here ,check it out !I uploaded it on tinypic!!!

  6. Check the date of when she gave it to you and when I made it. You'll obviously see that is my original design. I can show you the original sketch and dress. I hate fucking copiers. Delete it. It's my graphic.

    1. Heyy it's not me who stole it I didn't even knowww so don't tell me to delete it tell her cause I PAID FOR IT !!!

    2. I don't crab. Ask for a refund, because I will report you if it isn't deleted within the next two days.