Friday, December 16, 2011


When I went out to eat with my uncle, we had Chinese food(AMAZING)!

My lucky numbers included 
7,21,3,54,45, 56, and 70.

Well...I guess 70 really is a lucky number, because I celebrated with a small change to my blog!

In order to celebrate 70 followers(lucky number-woot woot)
I changed the color scheme.
Yellow is now the theme color(I love yellooowww:))
A new graphic(old one recreated best I could)
And a few extra followers has this blog up and running again!

Hopefully, I'll fulfill those lovely requests(always watching)
after Christmas with a new tablet AND laptop(hopefully!)

So be on the look out.

In other news: My charcoal drawings are coming along amazingly!
Thanks to some helpful comments, I was able to find the flawed features and I appreciate the 
helping hand!
haha....they were hand drawings!

ANYWAYS: I just wanted to update you guys, and I really do appreciate you still following me, even if I haven't had any graphics out for a while, I still managed to get 20 more followers than in October.

Be on the lookout, first of the new year and I'll be sending more things through the posts.
If you haven't already seen my Wattpad account, it's username is 

I currently have 2-3 books in the process, with one almost completely finished(not published)
I'd love it if you could possibly vote in the watty awards:Enjoying the Chase for most popular.
If you read it, you'll understand:)

I honestly love every one of you!

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