Monday, January 16, 2012

My Book Cover

My current obsession is writing my Newest book, In the Dead of Life.
It's a Zombie romance. I'll give you the description:)

When the world is ravaged by an altered Rabies Virus known as A-44, Ethan Bradshaw is immediately turned to for help. With responsibility at it's peak, he fights to survive along with the living and remain undead. Can he and his rat pack team of friends and family reach a safe haven in time, or will a Nuclear bomb destroy more than their hopes of staying alive?

Here's the cover: black and white version:
(they were supposed to be zombies, but turned out humans...I don't like the man's very feminine cheek bones.)
And here's the color version, which I don't really like:

(as you can see, when you search zombies in love, you can see the original. I just wasn't feeling it:/)

Give me your opinion! I'd love to hear it!

I'll post the link to the book in the side.
It's updated every week, so it won't be forgotten.
I also have my other books:
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  1. I think It is very interesting, you can still add some details to the picture. Like I don't know a little blood to the background and I love the man and the women. The Font is cool but just a background need a little blood or something else scary. Maybe graves on that way you will fulfill the cover for the book.

    1. Why would I add graveyard if the zombies were just humans with a disease? And there is blood. on two of the letters. It isn't supposed to be super scary. It's a romance.

  2. I'm not adding anything to it. I just wanted to put it one here since it is a digital art work. It's already posted along with the story and is fulfilled as the cover. It think it's fine...

    1. OK, If it is a romance then you are right about it... :D I thought it is a scary story but really scary story that is why..