Sunday, February 19, 2012


A requested graphic:

Requested by Chosen21
With her choice of colors and clothing.
I put a watermark on here for copyright reasons:/
Some people think it's stupid, but I think it's safe.

New chapters up on my Wattpad stories, if any of you even look.
I haven't gotten around to making a new banner because of all the projects I'm working on currently.
I'm swamped with graphic-ing!;)

So yeah, that's about it.:)

If you remember, I was the hair graphic designer for floral by Lige07?
Well, they took my hair out, but made LOVELY styles.

NOTE: I'm probably opening a styling boutique for those who pay attention to this blog.
Hair is a high point in my designing, so this blog with mainly feature profile pictures and different styles on people.
OF COURSE, it's just an idea. But I have ridden limit magazine and it is now called:

It isn't open just yet, still working on the banner for the blog.
Hope to finish it tonight, so i'll still put the link in this post:)

that's about it!

Have a beautiful week, everyone!

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