Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dip-Dye Experiment

View more info about this experiment at the Graphic Vault, link located at the side:)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Old Header/ Graphics:)

Probably seen these ones before:

The header had shading under the head, while this one does not.
Just pretend it's there.

Too busy to even try to make this one perfect.

The "Supposed to be" banners for Extravagance Stardoll

These are the original banners, until I realized that I'm way too busy to do full-out graphics!
Here they are:

Camila ^

Nora's is my favorite, only because of the face.
Manny has my favorite shirt,, but Camila has amazing hair:)

Enjoying ES's new makeover and writers?
I love everything about it:)


Bringing in the bank with these chores, recently. Gotta save up for a car, somehow, right?!

New graphic: from extravagance stardoll's new segment: Extravagant Medoll of the month.
similar to USD's Medoll of the month, but we don't actually judge them on their fashion or how they make an outfit.
It'll be a prize of 25 stardollars(equivalent to 250 Starcoins)
available to SS and non-SS.
Non SS can purchase a design/ piece of clothing equivalent to that amount.
Join the competition tomorrow!
That's when the rules and new page for it will be posted!

It's been uploaded to the Graphic Vault first:)


Graphic Collage- Winner's Graphic

A prior post gave info on if you can guess the order of when the graphics(in a collage provided) were made, the winner would receive a graphic.
Well, the winner guessed a few things right, so she's receiving a facial edit of medoll!
It's my new technique of making realistic faces, similar to my previous post: YO-Landa.
Here's Aphiba(Faye)'s face edit!

click to enlarge-Really. It gets big!
My favorite feature of this graphic is the hair)I re-did it from the original SD version)
and the nose/lips!

I'll probably be doing this every week, with graphic I haven't used!
Also, stay tuned for more graphics and the banner rejects for Extravagance Stardoll!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

So recently..

Been busy.
No graphics for a while as I have to catch up on writing on wattpad.
Please read the first page in my book, Once She Ran
Of course it's a werewolf story, but it's going to be amazing!

So anyways, since there's no graphics, I'm posting a small collage of the doodle I've been doing for the past month.
Pick out my oldest and newest ones and a Prize will be given out!
Can you tell the difference?!

click to enlarge
From left to right:
Sitting pose
(legs) Super WHOA-man
(face) facial edit-extreme!
(hair) Based on Pixie(character in book)
(dress) I was feeling orange-ish

Please name them by their names in comments when listing.
I justed wanted to give you all SOMETHING to go on with.
Don't critique because I KNOW they aren't that good!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Temporary header!

This is a temporary header, guys!
Sorry. I'm trying to make one with a bathing suit, but it isn't working out.
So I'm settling with a beach dress, which is what that is.
The background won't upload thought so I'll try again tomorrow!
Comment please:)
I've been neglecting you:(

Saturday, March 10, 2012

MissMicaGolden's Banner

One of my favorite to make, here it is:

God, I love this.
I picked a Roman/Grecian styled dress, but in the color pink.
The green letters counter the light pink, while the tan skin settles the two color disputes.
I think the red stars are a good addition, and the order didn't specify what type of detailed background.

Thanks for ordering:)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


(original post is on Extravagance Stardoll:))

Hiya! Not a normal post, but I'm offering a free graphic to those who watch and comment what they learned in this video!
It's an important cause and very close to my heart!
Thank you!
Continue to the post:

I'm here for another lovely post about an important cause that is beneficial to you 
and your loved ones, and possibly the future.

But first, I'd like to argue with the statement most people would deny.
Does this matter?
Why should I care?

Well, in the video, it expresses the reasons, but I've decided to give some of my own:

One: No matter who you are, you have blood running through your veins and a beating heart.
Organs take space in your body and you function as a human.

Two: Foreign people are none-the-less different from as you view yourself. 
To each other, we are foreign.
Different bodily masses roaming the world, in search of partnership and life.

If your sister was kidnapped, raped, and sold to a forty year old man, and raped again,
 wouldn't you care?

The following video is an explanation of this cause,
Kony 2012.

It explains what has happened and what can happen if you help raise awareness for this amazing cause.
I discovered this video from a friend, who posted it on Wattpad.com.

Raise Awareness and show your friends and family!
It's a worthy cause, for your future and the future of earth!


Thank to anyone who supports us!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Jen and Jill's Fashion Institute Graphic:)

Here's the graphic ordered by MileyKent for her blog,
Jen and Jill's Fashion Institute:)

(Click to enlarge. Save when enlarged)

This is one of my favorite graphic to make.
The outfit were very simple, but beautiful!
i tried my best and I hope you like it:)
Any changes you may want, 
you can notify me through comments!:D
The background is transparent:D

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Congratulate me:)

I managed to get all blog-requested graphics finished within 2 weeks and am going to start on the single requested graphics.
Everyone has YET to pay, so I'm waiting;/
I got about 20 minutes of time, in which I sloppily did this graphic:

Chinese Saying for Dangerous Beauty:)
SOOOOO Sloppy, but I didn't want to leave ya'll hanging:)

Happy Derby Day:)