Wednesday, March 7, 2012


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Hiya! Not a normal post, but I'm offering a free graphic to those who watch and comment what they learned in this video!
It's an important cause and very close to my heart!
Thank you!
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I'm here for another lovely post about an important cause that is beneficial to you 
and your loved ones, and possibly the future.

But first, I'd like to argue with the statement most people would deny.
Does this matter?
Why should I care?

Well, in the video, it expresses the reasons, but I've decided to give some of my own:

One: No matter who you are, you have blood running through your veins and a beating heart.
Organs take space in your body and you function as a human.

Two: Foreign people are none-the-less different from as you view yourself. 
To each other, we are foreign.
Different bodily masses roaming the world, in search of partnership and life.

If your sister was kidnapped, raped, and sold to a forty year old man, and raped again,
 wouldn't you care?

The following video is an explanation of this cause,
Kony 2012.

It explains what has happened and what can happen if you help raise awareness for this amazing cause.
I discovered this video from a friend, who posted it on

Raise Awareness and show your friends and family!
It's a worthy cause, for your future and the future of earth!


Thank to anyone who supports us!

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