Saturday, March 10, 2012

MissMicaGolden's Banner

One of my favorite to make, here it is:

God, I love this.
I picked a Roman/Grecian styled dress, but in the color pink.
The green letters counter the light pink, while the tan skin settles the two color disputes.
I think the red stars are a good addition, and the order didn't specify what type of detailed background.

Thanks for ordering:)


  1. I think the dress looks nice. The only thing that I would add more of is detail to the dress and highlight other then that perfect. The medoll and the text and star thing doesn't really go well with it. The mdeoll looks fresh and the text/stars look not so frish and airy.

  2. Thanks, it's so beautiful... I'm sure I'll keep ordering from you graphics cause they you're improving in them.