Saturday, April 14, 2012

1st Task: TOP PICTURE!:D

This totally stunned me, but I was chosen as the top photo of the week!
Oh My GOD.
I am absolutely freaked out! Everyone seemed to of done SO MUCH better than I did!
I just couldn't believe it, but I'm sorry, Chloe! I thought your graphic was awesome!
Congrats to everyone!
Now, Here's my entry for the contest:
Comment, please:)
Thanks Again!


  1. Yeah, i loved this one! :D Great job on it! :D

  2. Still awesome :D bahah

  3. This is amazing. Even better than real life (Danielle's ANTM photo) haha.

  4. I am not surprised you got Top Photo of the Week in that task, because she shading on the skirt is perfect, and the fact you've got a background but it's blurred so the model is the main focus is great, and the idea is fantastic. The only problem, I think, is that the hair looks a little plasticy (if there is such a word). But I've been doing grapics for a much shorter time than you and I have no right to critisize you. Haha. But is amazing!!!