Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My SDNTGD task:)

If your unable to view the header, here it is. It's awesome:)

IF you wanted to see my most recent graphic from SDNTGD. 
I was eliminated from going into the finales, but I'm proud!:D 

The background is really fuzzy and that's a result of I have no idea. 
It was normal on Photoshop:)

Oh well!:D
Does everyone like the makeover? I really like it! 
It's really fitting for my summer personality of bright colors:)


  1. Wow, the graphic is amazing!!! And the new banner is stunning ;D

  2. It looks amazing! I love the shading especially, it is flawless :)

  3. The graphic itself is nice, except that I feel the shirt too dark for the rest of the ensemble which is white. However, I'm not a fan of the background as it has too many pictures merged together and it looks like it's from real life so it kind of doesn't fit in with the doll, to be honest.I like that jacket and skirt though!

    P.S: Sorry that you got eliminated :/