Saturday, November 10, 2012

Many Faces of Kasey!

I'm a graphic designer and with every step forward, 
comes every milestone crossed and a new beginning for each lesson to be learned.

Thanks for three years of graphics!


I really focused on skin shading and I think I did really good. I used a previous hair-style and just some smaller clothing because I didn't really want to spend so much time on it. Those are active-wear stretch short(I have a pair similar in RL) and a plain black tube top. 
The wedges are from Christian Siriano's payless shoe collection.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh Wow! Two Hours!

My name is Kasey, what is yours?

Trying a New Beat

I've got a new sketch book, which I'm so excited to fill! But before I got it, I made a graphic! I tried something new, which was using the Stardoll skin colors, and not my own made skin colors. I really think it turned out pretty good, but I still prefer my own. I might keep the highlight colors, but not the shadows...

Anyways, here is the graphic! 

The T-shirt is actually one I have in real life. 
Lips For Kisses is something my friends and I have an "insider" about. 

Expect another tomorrow, because I am not busy at all this weekend!