Thursday, December 27, 2012


Not a big fan of the cheeks, but everything else looks pretty nice!

Constructive comments would be appreciated!


  1. He looks soo cute! :3
    How did you do the hair? It kinda looks like painted/real-life hair...
    The shading is a bit dark, but I like it!

    1. I started off doing it normally, but then I realized it wouldn't look like his actual hairstyle, which had a LOT of shades of blonde and brown. I looked up some techniques and saw this easy one where I take extracts of color from the original picture(edited to light them) and just put them on a pallet and just hand draw. I used the dodge and burn tool a lot too:/ It looks pretty good:D

    2. Oh, that's an interesting technique. Well, it kina looked like painted to me, and I think it looks just amazing and very artistic :)