Sunday, January 6, 2013

Old Design on a New Model!

She's new to the blogging scene and is really trying to make it as a model. Her recent face change is a pretty nice one, so I decided to use her doll for one of my older sketch designs I found today. It's about three years old and, get this, inspired by Mermaidman on Spongebob! I found that hilarious and the design isn't all that bad. I'll have to scan it some time in the future to show you guys!

Mary Ann wears Over-sized Designer Tee with exclusive arm-band clutch.

Here it is. It was super fast, about an hour and half. I just named the line Komen Kleur(Come Color) because it(and the rest of the line in my sketch book) was pretty colorful. 

Anyways, I've noticed and increase of traffic to this blog lately and I just want to thank everyone who reads and follows the blog! It's an enormous weight off my shoulder when someone deliberately messages me or posts a guestbook message saying they love my graphics! Thank you so much and hopefully you guys will like what has to come in the future! I'm working on some new things and practicing a LOT!

So thank you again and have a good day!:D


  1. Its gorgeous! Thanks for featuring me! Its a honor! :)

    1. Haha, You're very welcome:) I do like your medoll remodel:D

  2. Hey! Nice graphic!! We got the same place at the first task of SNTGD ahaha!! Good work on the graphic for the task!
    XOXO, EllieCase (Joao)