Friday, March 15, 2013

Second Graphic Request

Thank you for requesting:)

This graphic was requested by cheekycazbo1 and I think it's super cute.
The shorts and body shading took the longest. I spent about 3 hours on this in total. I really like the hair, but not so much the band. of flowers. The shoes are okay, but I wish I could've seen more detail in the reference image. They weren't as clear as I'd prefer...
Oh well, I think I did okay, but tell me what you guys think!


  1. The hair's really pretty ♥

  2. Oh this is really cute ♥ the hair is amazing and the shorts are perfect!

  3. i wish I could do graphics like that! I'm about to run a magazine called so stlish and I'm looking for graphic designers and I'd love you to work with me on that. Please e-mail me even if the answer is negative so I know ho to move on at