Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Info on My Wrist

So, I told a few people about what's been going on with my wrist and so far, it's looking like I'll have to have surgery done on some ligaments. How this effects my graphics is major. I won't be able to write or draw, which means that the graphics I do within the next few days until my next Doctors appointment are pretty much the last. 
IF the doc says that all I need is a brace, that's also going to affect my work because have you ever tried to draw with a brace. He put one on me at my last appointment to see how it'd fit and I couldn't move my fingers to my thumb(how you hold a pencil/pen) so I wouldn't be able to do anything major. 

I'm really hoping I only need the brace because I don't want to have to drop out of SDNTGD and be considered third(well, I was technically second) place again. If I do have to, I'd really love to judge the task so I at least have some part in picking the next top graphics designer. 

So yeah...Not too happy today.