Friday, July 19, 2013

Lolitsme5299's Graphic

  This is without a shadow

This is with a shadow!

Thanks for ordering:) Hope you enjoy!


  1. I like the dress I can tell you were a bit inspired by lana's shadow play. it's still missing a bit of a light source. The neck and also the hair are strange. I like that you brought the body shading p into the face.

    1. Ah, no. I had to use a reference for this image since it was a request. She wanted the face like that, which is one of my major pet peeves because the head does not turn that far around. The hair was also part of the request. But thank you anyways:)

    2. I totally give you more props since you take requests. When a client requests something out of your comfort zone and you still do it *claps*. Don't be afraid to say no, keep up the good work!

      p.s. that banner is really killing it. That dress tho....

    3. Haha, thank you. And I've said no many many times:D Part of the job!
      and I have been working on a new banner for the blog, which is coming soon;)

  2. I think the dress could be shaded a bit more, I couldn't tell what I was looking at until I tilted my screen back. My screen is very bright so at first glance at the post preview, her back looked like boobs to me and I had to see wtf was going on.

    Like Mikel, yeah the neck and hair are weird but if thats what she wanted can't be mad at that.

    Other than that its a very very good graphic!

  3. I really like this , uhm , if you make graphics for free can you make one for me ? I wanna same hairstyle (but blonde) , and purple dress like this :-) If I need to pay graphic I can pay just 20 sd , add me , I'm LaraCroatiaa.
    I'm sorry for bad english .