Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mode Magazine

Check out the spoiler I made for Mode Magazine!

Go apply at the site:


  1. Hi Kasey!

    I really love your graphics. Your style is flawless and intriguing. As a fan and a follower of your blog, I have chosen to ask you to be media partners with my graphic blog, Amanda Star's Graphics. I'm seeking media partners so that I can build an audience. So, I have chosen your blog because I absolutely love it! Being a media partner would entail that I put your logo onto my blog under the media partners tab, and you would put my logo onto your blog.

    My blog:
    My logo:

    You can reply to this if you want to discuss being media partners. I'll check back often.

    Thank you so much for your time!

    1. Sure! I'll work on a logo for you to use and talk to you on Stardoll when I'm done!

    2. You don't have to make a logo for me! You should use your time making more of your fabulous graphics!

  2. Oii ...tenho um blog e uma pagina e precisava de uma garfico da minha doll pro blog um garfico de capa e um de perfil ....poderia fazer pra mim ???quando vc cobra???