Hey there! I've been doing graphics for about 4 years now and I've learned a few things.
Some things I've learned abut myself is that I love blended shading. I love using the cell shading technique, but with mixing in the blending technique into it. So what I do is, use a seven step shading technique on stardoll graphic bodies. Meaning I have five layers of shadow and two of highlights. Now, I'll make an exception depending on the graphic, but that's typically what I use. 
In faces and hands, I sometimes use the dodge(shadow) and burn(highlights) tool because they resemble the way black does when it's placed on the skin/clothing colors.

notice this orange block. In the middle is the original color, but in the upper left corner is the burn tool(highlights) used in a dark way.
Then in the lower right corner is the dodge(shadow) tool used to make it resemble white.

I only use it when I do clothes because I personally like the way you can layer the color, but without using so many layers. However, it can be a difficult thing to use when you want it a certain way(like using only a little, in a straight and organized way).
That is where the polygonal lasso/lasso tool comes in hand.
I use this tool on almost everything! It's super handy for the very straight and narrow(not literally straight) graphic. Thos graphics that require a lot of detail and lines are best created with the polygonal lasso tool.
The regular lasso tool is regularly used in my hair styles, face shading, nails, etc...

More to come later....

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  1. Thank you!!! Your graphics are fantastic!!